Immigration Law


Immigration law

If there are problems applying for a residence permit or securing your stay, these can quickly become existential. It is important to consult a lawyer as early as possible in this area that is important to you.

As a lawyer for immigration law, I will find ways for you as a specialist, with or without academic training, to settle in Germany, especially in the fields of medicine, crafts and IT. According to the Skilled Workers Immigration Act, which came into force on March 1, 2020, there are many new opportunities for entry and access to the labor market.

Our Services:

  • Granting and extension of the residence permit
  • Obtaining a permanent residence, settlement permit
  • Citizenship Naturalisation
  • EU right of residence / EU right of free movement
  • Permanent EU residence permit
  • Family reunion /spouse reunion, children reunion
  • Visa procedures
  • Work Visa for qualified professionals
  • EU Bluecard
  • Visa for jobseekers
  • Visa for stusying
  • Visa for research
  • Visa for the recognition of foreign qualifications
  • Visa for study-relied relationship
  • Visa for purpose of language accquisition
  • Specific labour market access
  • Work permit
  • Temporary leave to remain for training
  • Tolerance for work or training
  • Hardship application und petitions
  • Expulsion, threatened deportation and detention
  • Asylum and refugee law, subsidiary protection, deportation bans, obstacles to deportation
  • Dublin procedure

Lawyer Schuhknecht is a member of the working group on immigration and asylum law in the German Lawyers’ Association

Tanja Schuhknecht