As a trained mediator, I offer you an effective, time-saving, cost-effective and individual alternative to conflict management to conventional legal advice and judicial representation in family disputes.

Under the guidance of the qualified mediator as a neutral and impartial mediator, we work voluntarily on an amicable and individual solution in a structured process, without a timeline due to a judicial process, with the aim of achieving an out-of-court, legally effective agreement.

Legal disputes can be lengthy and costly. Family members often suffer from the impression of the judicial process, in the end important relationships may have been broken.

The mediation process offers the opportunity to deal independently and constructively with the existing conflict in a confidential setting. The communication initially remains open-ended. The professional handling of your conflict will give you clarity about your actual interests and needs.Constructive communication between those involved is encouraged. Individual agreements can be made to the needs elaborated by the parties involved, which legal proceedings cannot offer in this way. With the help of mediation, the relationship between the conflict parties, who may have family ties through common children can be maintained.

Tanja Schuhknecht